6teen when do nikki and jonesy start dating

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Jonesy has a job as a waiter at a South Western grill and is surprisingly really good at it. That's the only job Jonesy doesn't screw up in. Often times he comes home really late at night but he manages his work hours so he and Nikki can have time to be with each other so the both of them won't always be working. Jonesy's a little bit more mature now that he's older and is out in the real world working full time. But he's still that cocky stud muffin everyone knows and loves.

6Teen When Do Nikki And Jonesy Start Dating

Caitlin has started her own fashion line called 'Cate'. She attended at fashion course in college and has made dozens and dozens garments. The line has made tons of money and is selling like hot cakes. Caitlin has learned not to be such a flirt but often times she'll pull a move with a guy she likes.

She's also learned if that she does that too much she'll come off as a complete slut to some women. Caitlin has gained a lot of confidence over the years and is very successful with her clothing line. Wyatt owns a music store he named 'Spirt Music'. It's really a big success. Wyatt and Marlowe broke up a while ago because the band all went their separate ways after junior year of college.

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Wyatt rented his own place not too long ago. Wyatt's taking a break from girls for a while he just wants to focus on his business and his other interests. Wyatt's a bit more laid back but he's still the same old Wyatt everyone knows.

Jen's achieving her dream to be a professional snow boarder. She lives up in the mountains to live close to the snow.

She's a professional snow boarder in training. She's attending a program to become a professional snowboarder. She takes part in the program by training new recruits while trying to learn herself. Jen hasn't change that much over the years but she's more athletic now she's up in the mountain's learning to snow board.

And finally Jude he's a manager at a restaurant. The restaurant's more of a buffet than anything else. He's one of the youngest managers in history to manage a restaurant. Jude's also a professional skate boarder. He still has time to skate around and just lay back and relax. Jude hasn't change that much over the years. But he's serious about being manager and takes his job seriously. The mall has changed some over the years to. It has some new stores and the amusement park's a lot bigger. Since the gang doesn't work at the mall anymore there's a new gang settling in.

These guys have grown up with each other but the main character of our series is coming from North Korea. She's a little shy, kinda quiet and emo but with a kind heart. Her name is Mika. Just in case you if you wanna know how her name is pronounced. It's "My"-ca not "Me"-ca. The "I" in her name is silent. Mika isn't that stereotyped emo kid where she's always depressed, cuts her wrists and hates the world. She smiles and laughs like everyone else but the reason why she's kinda depressed almost all the time is because she lives in a country where you're forced to obey the all-knowing leader Kim Jong II.

Thinking he's the greatest and there savior and if you don't obey they'll be consequences. How would you feel growing up in a place where you weren't allowed to speak your mind and you're forced to think that this monster was your hero? Wouldn't that make you depressed? They first got together when Jonesy dared her to see a movie with him so he could show her proof of a line that was said, which Nikki disputed, in that movie.

Nikki and Jonesy later split up after a disastrous three-month anniversary celebration and Nikki moves on to dating another guy while Jonesy returns to his old womanizing ways, but they eventually come to realize how much they really mean to each other and they get back together. Despite Jonesy's annoying habits and his tendency to frequently get fired from his jobs and Nikki's sarcasm and outspokenness, their love for each other enables the couple to weather all that life throws their way and be stronger for it.

In 6teen' s series finale , Nikki finds out that she has to move with her parents to Iqaluit, Nunavut due to her father getting a new job there. Wong's objections because of Jonesy living under the same roof , and the Wongs later appear to change their minds about moving so that Nikki can remain together with the gang, but Nikki, who realizes that her parents have made sacrifices for her over time, decides to do the same for them and agrees to move up north with them.

When do nikki and jonsey from 6teen.....?

As one of her final acts before moving, Nikki sticks it to The Clones by quitting the Khaki Barn for good, then at a going away party thrown for her by the gang at Grind Me , she promises to keep in touch with her friends. Afterward at the Big Squeeze , Nikki calls Jonesy from her Iqaluit-bound plane and promises to stay involved with him as the gang bids her farewell.

After being turned down for employment in a travel agency at The Galleria , Nikki lands her first job--but it turns out to be at the Khaki Barn, much to her chagrin " Take This Job and Squeeze It ". She devises a plan to take the day off work to join her friends at the mall's indoor amusement park " The Big Sickie " , and she befriends Caitlin, after her initial attitude of low-key hostility toward the peppy rich girl, and accepts her into the gang after Caitlin helps to convince a reluctant Jen to take the day off as well. Nikki competes with Jude over who will get one of two backstage passes Wyatt has obtained for a concert by rock band The Mighty Weasels " A Lime to Party " , but Wyatt decides not to give either one the second pass after their competition gets out of hand.

She temporarily assumes management of the Khaki Barn after assistant manager and head Clone Chrissy goes out " The Sushi Connection " , and she gets revenge on Caitlin's behalf against Kyle Donaldson a notorious womanizer who took Cait out on a disastrous date by convincing Kyle to buy two pairs of too-small cargo pants. Nikki falls victim to Chrissy's scheme to try to mold her into the ideal Khaki Barn employee through the use of reverse psychology by making her the store's employee of the month " Employee of the Month " , but her friends snap her out of the brainwashing techniques used by the Khaki Barn and, after coming to her senses, she makes sure Chrissy knows she won't be controlled.

She tries out for the American Idol -like Star Contest and purposely delivers a bad audition to give Wyatt a chance to win the local competition " Idol Time at the Mall " and is one of the subjects of the song Wyatt performs to win the contest. She and Jonesy go on their first date, a trip to the movies " The Fake Date " , and they literally get at each other's throats when they get stuck in an elevator together afterward.

Although she publicly professes to hate boy bands, Nikki wins a competition to appear in a video for the boy band DawgToy, angering Jen who had also auditioned and thought herself a shoo-in to win in the process " The Girls in the Band " , and Nikki's secret crush on DawgToy is later accidentally exposed, which she confesses to Jen and Caitlin before she invites both girls to join her for the band's show and the post-show backstage party.

Nikki and Jonesy start becoming more attracted to each other romantically, despite Caitlin, Jen and Wyatt's efforts to prevent it from happening, after she gets Jonesy a job at the Khaki Barn " Clonesy ". She boycotts celebrating Valentine's Day due to past bad experiences with dates on that day " Stupid Over Cupid " and she convinces Jen and Caitlin to join her for some dateless fun, then she saves Jonesy, who has set up a Valentine's Day date auction to try to score a date but sees his plan backfire when he gets less-than-welcome bids from some unexpected bidders, by placing a last-second bid which has a price on it for him.

She comes down sick with food poisoning after eating tainted samples of a snack food called Roast Burkey Chunklets, which Jude unintentionally allowed to turn putrid when he forgets to plug in the freezer he puts them in after Jonesy entrusts him with their storage " The Khaki Girl ". She helps Wyatt, who is afraid of heights, get down from the top of a tall ladder outside of Spin This by making him forget his fear " The Swami " , doing so by criticizing his choice of favorite rock bands and getting him to argue with her about it as he neglects to notice he's climbing down the ladder.

She beats Jude in a staring contest as part of a "Battle of the Sexes" when Jude forgets what he's doing and quickly blinks first " Bring It On " , then she, Caitlin and Jen lend Jude, Jonesy and Wyatt a hand when the guys are forced to admit defeat after they get in over their heads looking after some bratty kids in the mall's daycare. Delusioned " when his accomplice Caitlin, under the ruse of a breakup with a boyfriend, convinces her to get a fashion makeover, which does not go over well with Nikki when she finds out about the prank.

She undergoes an uncharacteristic change in personality, becoming more emotional and friendly and eating chocolate which she normally hates due to the effects of premenstrual syndrome " Enter the Dragon ". She takes part in a bet the gang makes with Jen, in which they bet that Jen, who often gives out unsolicited opinions and advice to her friends, can't keep her opinions to herself for one day " One Quiet Day " , and Nikki and the gang try to make Jen lose the bet by coming up with outrageous ideas like, in Nikki's case, getting a tattoo of a bulldog.

On a day off from school, Nikki spends the day trying to avoid seeing her parents, who are at the mall, with help from Jude " The One with the Text Message " while she helps Wyatt deal with his being dumped by his girlfriend Serena via text message and she performs makeovers on dresses Caitlin and Jen have bought for a homecoming dance. She pranks The Clones for Halloween by fooling them into eating Halloween candy, telling them that a Halloween candy diet can help them lose weight " Boo, Dude ".

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Nikki is shocked to learn that the results of a test she took for her school's career day have her future career listed as "Retail Specialist" " Career Day " , then finds out that Jude accidentally mixed up Caitlin's test with her own, which actually gives her a future career as a travel writer. She and Caitlin fall out when they argue after Nikki has enough of Cait constantly talking about new boyfriend Wade " Fish and Make Up " , but they make up after Jude's pet goldfish, Fish, dies suddenly.

She and Jonesy stress over what to get each other for their three-month anniversary, which is not helped by their friends' gift suggestions as the rest of the gang report to each other and to Nikki and Jonesy about who is buying what " Unhappy Anniversary " , and after the gang sets them up on a disastrous romantic date, Nikki tells Jonesy that the best thing to do, for the long-term sake of their friendship, is to end the romantic relationship for the time being.

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6teen when do nikki and jonesy start dating 6teen when do nikki and jonesy start dating
6teen when do nikki and jonesy start dating 6teen when do nikki and jonesy start dating
6teen when do nikki and jonesy start dating 6teen when do nikki and jonesy start dating
6teen when do nikki and jonesy start dating 6teen when do nikki and jonesy start dating
6teen when do nikki and jonesy start dating 6teen when do nikki and jonesy start dating
6teen when do nikki and jonesy start dating 6teen when do nikki and jonesy start dating
6teen when do nikki and jonesy start dating 6teen when do nikki and jonesy start dating
6teen when do nikki and jonesy start dating 6teen when do nikki and jonesy start dating
6teen when do nikki and jonesy start dating

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