Christian dating first kiss

No Kissing Chemistry – First Kiss Mistakes

The motives behind this article are 4 sided: There is nothing especially Scriptural about each of these points. Many of them are just fun; however, many should be taken seriously. Also, most of them are geared toward guys… since I am one. They have been derived from experience, observation, study, and common sense.

5 Myths People Believe about Saving Your First Kiss for Marriage

And let me know what you all think. If you do end up going then always go on a lunch date first. Girls should never ask a guy out a date. Make your intentions known. Is this just a hang out date? How interested are you? Based on Christ's statement, when people male or female actively think about having sex with another person who they are not married to it is always sin, even when they do not actually commit the act.

This principle is valid regardless of the age of those involved, as both young and old can lust although the young normally do it more than those who are older. A brief "peck" on the cheek while dating is unlikely to cause lust, such as those commonly exchanged between friends greeting each other in the Latin American culture. On the other hand, however, a sustained deep kiss like when each person's tongue is touching certainly is lustful.

There are many gradations in-between the above two extremes, and it is possible that what is sinful for one person will not be for another, depending on their thought processes. Furthermore, sustained kissing is considered foreplay as preparation for physical intercourse.

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It may be the first "stop" for the "train" that ends with penetration and orgasm at the final destination, but it is still part of same general process. It can easily be a sexually charged "warm-up" that prepares for consummation even when the couple ultimately avoids going that far.

Sometimes it is not so easy to put this act in a watertight compartment that is completely separate from sex. Just keep it light, and keep smiling! If the conversation goes well, then you can do what I did and watch a second movie while putting your arm around her and having a nice cuddle on the sofa. It was only the next date that I kissed her. This my seem ridiculously slow to other people who date all the time, but it felt like the right speed for us.

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In terms of kissing, I don't see anything wrong with this at all. It is a cultural thing after all, men in Jesus' time used to kiss openly in public as a sign of friendship, something that would be very odd in our culture. If you are being respectful and loving, then what is the problem? Only fornication is forbidden in the Bible. I would even say that kissing is important for a dating relationship, but I appreciate others may feel differently.

We had regular conversations in the first few weeks of dating as to where our boundaries were, and what we were looking for in a relationship. For us, we were okay with a certain level of physical contact and even sleeping in the same bed clothes on when staying over at each other's houses, as we were confident in our own abilities to stick to those boundaries.

But you have to be extremely honest with yourself as to how good you are at dealing with temptation.

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Most people recommend sticking to certain measures like never allowing yourselves to be alone together in a room with the door closed for instance. I can't answer the right time to kiss her, but please "declare your intentions". Without the physical symbol of your affection it is very important to tell her or she will get anxious and eventually you two will be just friends. It's normal for you to worry about when is the right time to kiss, hold hands, etc. But there is no such "rule" or "right" time, except "when both of you want to and feel totally comfortable with it".

Keep it going, don't go too fast, slow is fine. This is not a time when you two have to talk about marriage, number of children, etc Keep setting up dates, and do things with her. Not everything is a restaurant. If she wants, then it's fine. This might seem stupid, but it really works. Ask her if you can kiss her. Something easy such as "Can I kiss you. The first one, she will laugh because it is a hilarious question, and will probably say "hahah, why would you ask that blablabla," or the second one "She will perk up and say yes.

Because, you need to have her permission, and if she is not ready she will let you know, be sure to ask if she is ready. The last thing you want is her avoiding the kiss. Putting your arm around her is completely fine, just be sure your armpit doesn't smell like dead beaver or rotten cheese. Also, ask her if she feels comfortable. If she leans on you microseconds after you make your move, then you are in golden territory.

Now, being alone with her is fine. But, at some point you two will get the hots for each other. Try not to take her blouse off, pants, or any other kind of clothing material.

Should Christians Wait Until Marriage To Kiss?

If she wants it chances are she is going to ask "is there something wrong," and you can make a smooth line saying "on the contrary, almost everything is perfect" Now, this woman is your everything, yeah, but that doesn't mean you must put her on a diamond pedestal all the time, because things tend to fall and break when put in that position. Try to not just be her lover, but support her, and treat her like a best friend. I did bring this up, but semi casually during our second date. Asking about where she pictured herself and the like.

I don't think it put on too much pressure, but I learned we both look to have a family "someday".

We both will probably want to move elsewhere, possibly abroad. We've had great date variety, and I plan to keep it that way. I'm not usually the clingy type, but I've had to keep myself from obsessing or dwelling when we've playfully texted back and forth. Its also thankfully not incessant. I'd heard something similar, saying "I'd like to kiss you right now. Just trying to decide on is now or later, haha.

Good tips on intimacy. I'll probably try to have an open discussion before we find ourselves in the situation not going to say we won't. I'm huge on wanting to be a "complete" person dating another "complete" person. Even if I'm thrilled to be with this girl, I'm trying to temper by expectations, and keep it down to earth.

I'm also feel like we've really connected on a friendly level too. At least you guys seem to be in tune with the concept of a family. There is a reason why she is dating you, and why you are dating her. It's not like it's a game, so, I think it's safe for me to assume she wants a husband, and you want a wife.

I guess this is the trick when you date, letting know the person that you are not complete without her, but also that you are not a mess that depends on others.

Our First Date & Christian Dating Tips!

That sounds great that you two play along. There is no shame in throwing one or two friendly cheesy lines into the mix.

The Christian RULES of Dating

That line is probably one of the best. I think it's hard to measure when it's the correct time. But, once you notice that she looks at you differently, like closely looking at you and smiling with no reason, then that's the moment. It is a powerful weapon though, because little touches and a kiss on the neck can go a long way, and she will be thinking about it for a whole week. If you ignore the first commandment on marriage icky sex stuff , it leaves an opportunity to ignore the last one divorce.

Don't assume you know what most girls expect. I am a 30F Christian and haven't ever dated, just haven't had time and felt ready until last year actually, and I would rather not kiss anyone who isnt officially my boyfriend. On the handful of accidental first-dates I have been on, and the one I asked a guy on clearly a date , I was so relieved that no one tried to engage me in physical affection, and I would have been mortified if a guy had tried to kiss me on a first date-- and that is all guys I knew beforehand either as friends, coworkers, or classmates.

So don't assume she is wanting to be kissed, and definitely don't assume she would want it if she knew your reservations and your desire to be pure of heart.


That being said, as Christians we shouldn't shy away from honest discussion. Don't scare her with assertions that you already know she's your future wife or something: The least obtrusive way would be to ask about her friends who have dated and are still single, her friends who have dated and are married, and what she thinks of how they behaved and what she would want to do the same or differently.

This makes it a little less intrusive, a little less about the situation of you and her specifically, a little more about you valuing her opinions and experiences.

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