Do doctors really hook up in on call rooms

Scrubs are notoriously baggy and thin, and it can be pretty easy for women to accidentally flash people when they lean forward. How did your girlfriend manage to get away with returning to her clerkship braless? No sane person leaves their clothes on or crawls naked on a hospital room floor.

The On-Call Room

Hospital floors are paved in disease and lathered with alternating cycles of assorted bodily fluids and Lysol. How did a screaming nurse on a quiet floor of the hospital and a patient hitting a call button not alert any other patients or staff? Why would you tell the nurse that you were about to go to sleep when the scrubs were taken if you and your girlfriend had to be back on your respective floors within fifteen minutes of the scrub theft? Why did a random woman speedily reach an arm through the door and scurry off down the hall with a pile of underwear?

If she was with housekeeping, why didn't she clean the room appropriately and take out the trash or restock the sheets?

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  3. 1. They have crazy hours!
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Most schools would consider on-call room sexy times and naked midnight jaunts into patient rooms an egregious lapse in professionalism; there would be an exciting stack of paperwork and then the students involved would probably be ceremonially eviscerated. If something like this actually happened and the story was being spread throughout the hospital, I guarantee that the school would conduct an investigation and the students involved would be waiting in terror.

We do not receive pagers for our call shifts, and there was no mention of shoes. I also never mentioned there were scrubs in the stock room, just patient gowns we could use before getting a pair of scrubs. If you're going to insult my English language capabilities in a post that took me about minutes to compose for an internet forum, then you my friend, have bigger problems.

I told the nurse we were about to go sleep because I didn't feel like directly telling her I was going to have sexual relations with my gf. The random woman grabbed what she probably thought was dirty laundry or old sheets and then noticed we were sleeping in the room so she did NOT turn on the lights and did not take out the trash or restock the sheets.

I think common sense and human decency come to mind. No one was harmed, and no one suffered from what happened.


Now Ginger I realize that it can get confusing sometimes when first exploring your female body with another women but try reeHEEEllly hard to remember that you-are-a-DOHOC-tor and this isnt somewhere you can just skip down the hall all willey I'd post my stories to TIFU, but we never got caught. Even that time in the ER quiet room. Across from the main nursing station. You should have just thrown the sheet over your head and walked down the hall while ranting racist statements and talking about the KKK in a heavy southern accent.

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6 Reasons Nurses Shouldn't Date Doctors

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    1. Medical Professionals Fact-Check 'Grey's Anatomy' Sex Scenes.
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    You may include additional information if you'd like. The TL;DR must be at the very end of your post. So, a relationship can be tough. That is unless you want to coordinate your crazy hours with those of the intern or resident. Hospitals are comprised primarily of women, and women tend to gossip. Keeping a relationship with a coworker private can be impossible.

    Surprises can be ruined and rumors can start. It's hard enough for most people to leave work out of dinner conversations. But when both partners are in the medical profession, it's virtually impossible.

    6 Reasons Nurses Shouldn't Date Doctors

    Conversations center on patients, surgeries, an exciting diagnosis, or sometimes a patient's death. Let's be honest - who really wants to talk about bowel movements and splenectomies over a romantic dinner? If you date an intern or resident, you can expect cheap dates, small gifts, and a lot of nights watching movies at home. This doctor had some serious charm and tried to get in the pants of any young, attractive, female employee.

    On a lot of them. This doctor made sure he was always around and on her mind. She is now divorced and no longer has a relationship with this doctor. I do not know if they were ever impaired while working, but they were both caught and neither will ever be a nurse again. Instead, it led some viewers, and Heigl, to quit the show. Knight and Izzie to bring viewers back to the early days of Seattle Grace Hospital. If you believe in spirits you have to think they are there.

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    So many souls are departing from the hospital every day. All in all, however, the lives of doctors or nurses on medical dramas are markedly more implausible than their real-life counterparts. However, these are more rare than commonplace. Maybe once or twice a month I have shift as crazy as one they portray on TV. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you.

    Byron Cohen via Getty Images. The whole thing is hot.

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