Polite brush off dating

I was really impressed with your wonderful sense of humor and I can see you are a bright and intelligent person. On the other hand, I don't think we would make a good 'fit' and it appears the chemistry isn't right for us to embark on a relationship What do you think? What would you say?

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  • Rules to help give him the gentle brush-off.

Originally Posted by WaltHowe. Nobody is perfect so everybody we meet will always have a few rough spots and a few good and compatible qualities.

Lessons in life that online dating taught me | Daisy Buchanan

We'll never get anywhere beyond casual serial dating if we keep thinking negatively. This is just my opinion. But what I hear on here and in real life, everyone is looking at too much TV and thinking that they have to have the perfect person. People are setting their expectations of what they want in a person that is unrealistic. Alot of the men want a hottie that looks like Carmen Electra and the women want a Brad Pitt. Carmen Electra and Brad Pitt look nothing like they do in real life.

Also all those models are airbrushed and half do not have good bodies. Then this attitude that we see on reality TV and people adopt that type of personality. Someone on here says her friends act like the women on "Sex in the City" and these women are in their 30's. Come on, people, what's wrong with you!

Guys get mad in here if we talk about rating people from 1 to 10 and they don't understand why they can't date a 10 and they're a 4. That's life, it's always been like that.

Topic: The polite brush off…is it as it seemed?

Just like I can't realistically date Brad Pitt in my dreams, though. So I think if people were more kinder, realistic and honest with themselves, most people on here and in life would be able to find mates.

Well, the woman not returning a call after one date WAS somewhat of a graceful brush off. After all, nobody knows except the caller and callee.

  1. The polite brush off…is it as it seemed?.
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  6. Why does everything have to be a conversation? Originally Posted by Big-Bad-John. All this crap just scares me and makes me want to be by myself all the more.

    Rejection is built into online dating. Politeness should be too

    I can't tell when they are playing games anymore and don't trust my judgment. I'm a certified idiot and embarrassed as hell for making the wrong moves. Last edited by MattB4; at Edited to add the likely scenario. I don't see why people complicate matters that really are simple. You want to be polite in telling someone you're not into them? It's not rocket science. She tells me he is a nice guy, but just doesn't want to hurt his feelings. Say things like, "I'm glad we can just be friends".

    Or try not replying to every text they send. Too often we see it coming but ignore it, hoping it will go away.

    Plan what you're going to say when you're about to reject them. You need to be honest and sensitive. Maybe even rehearse how the conversations will pan out on both sides. It might seem like a cowardly act, but if they have asked you via text, then there is nothing wrong with a rejection reply. It sometimes allows them to save face. Keep in mind though, if you work with this person or will be seeing them again, you are going to have to face the music at one point. Sometimes a small white lie can help.

    Polite brush off dating

    Maybe something like "I'm interested in someone else". Keep in mind that you may need to back up that lie. So stay clear from lies like "I'm too busy for a relationship", or "I have three months to live".

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    Don't avoid them just because you're afraid of hurting them, that's only going to make it worse. If the person has been direct with you, then they deserve the same in return. No one likes to be rejected and few of us know how to handle it. Expect at first that things won't be the same between you. Do your best not to make it a big deal.

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